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Web advertising has many benefits to offer over traditional forms of advertising and is a specialised field in which The Punch Agency offers a comprehensive range of services.

Web advertising not only works, it also lowers your cost per lead substantially as opposed to TV, radio and print ads, direct mail, direct sales and other traditional advertising media.

Instead of relying on broad appeal advertising in the hope of finding prospects who may have a matching interest, web advertising positions you so interested consumers can seek and find you instantly and learn more. And you only pay for interested leads if they visit your website.

Display advertising for some businesses on key sites is also worth serious consideration. For example, your ads can run on ‘Business Week’, ‘Technology Today’ or any relevant site as a banner or tower ad.

Pay Per Click (PPC)

Pay Per Click involves paying for your website to have a prominent position on the search results page of a specific search engine. For each visitor that clicks on your link you are then charged a specific rate, meaning you only pay for results.

Pay For Inclusion (PFI)

Pay For Inclusion involves paying for your website to be listed on a specific search engine, without guarantee of prominent ranking. PFI gives you an opportunity to gain a top spot, but still requires SEO to achieve higher rankings and greater effectiveness.

Web advertising, PPC and PFI support the psychology of buying that demands instant gratification of buying needs and puts consumers a mere click away from your most important marketing tool – your website.

Email Marketing

Email marketing campaigns are an essential ingredient of a successful marketing plan, providing a simple way to stay in touch with a large number of prospects.

This powerful marketing tool is used to keep in touch with clients and prospects, introduce new products and services, announce company changes or upcoming events and awards or simply communicate anything your audience may find interesting.

The primary purpose of such campaigns is to keep your company continually top-of-mind with clients and prospects when ‘decision time’ rolls around. Not only will interested contacts appreciate the product and service updates, this also allows your company to create effective and valuable follow-up, up-selling and referral generation programs.

There are two basic types of email campaigns. Both use ‘templates’ reflecting your brand image and are usually included in The Punch Agency's branding contracts. Both are highly effective when used as part of a successful and ongoing marketing and branding strategy.

1. Custom Email Templates (Designed and hand coded each issue)

These are highly customised templates, basically ‘mini websites’, which result in high-impact campaigns.

Using a complete approved and established template, the entire HTML email is redesigned and hand coded each issue with regard to supplied content and images plus all elements such as typography, buttons, graphics and animations.

There are no real limitations to these custom email campaigns and many companies use them to promote success stories, new products and services, important announcements and much more.

Most importantly, these emails keep your brand and offerings in front of customers, significantly increasing the chance of converting or influencing purchase decisions.

2. Editable Email Templates (Client edited but less impacting)

These campaigns also work with an established template, however it is much more limited in its look and feel. 

These templates usually consist of a header and footer matching your brand identity, but with pre-set fields to allow the addition of body content and links and to modify buttons.

 Because the content is placed individually by the client each issue, rather than hand coded and built in, the look and feel is limited and may leave some ‘hollow spots’. However this is a great option for fast communications and announcements to your target audience or for internal communications. There is little cost to these campaigns, once the initial template is designed, other than the cost of purchasing email credits to distribute the campaign. We do, however, recommend that such campaigns be supplemented periodically by fully custom designed email campaigns to vary the imagery and expose customers to a more interactive design for a fresh view of your company.
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