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Would you like to impress clients with a professional presentation that leaves a lasting impression? The Punch Agency can produce a high impact multimedia presentation that meets any business requirements.

If the nature of your business or product commands a sophisticated and professional multimedia presentation, The Punch Agency's high quality graphic design and communications skills and practical experience can be applied to your audiovisual and multimedia presentations.

Whether you require a professional CD-ROM catalogue that distributors can show clients, a notebook presentation or sequence for a conference or special event, The Punch Agency will give your presentation that professional edge.

Specialising in digitally designed products and graphic design services for CD, DVD, hard drive or print, The Punch Agency can produce interactive CD, DVD, 3D visualisation, graphics, web design, video and animation for any corporate needs.

Combining creative and imaginative ideas with a strong understanding of communications, we can bring any project to life – from simple graphics and presentations to immersive 3D applications.

Projects we have developed include:

  • Architectural and 3D visualisations
  • Marketing and competition proposals
  • Promotional CDs
  • Memorabilia CDs
  • Exhibition installations
  • Training applications
  • Web communications
  • Business presentations
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