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With professional Search Engine copywriting you’ll gain the attention of Search Engines and site visitors.

Outstanding Search Engine rankings don’t happen by accident. In order to take advantage of the tremendous exposure, engines provide you to structure your site to meet their criteria. One of those criteria is that you have optimised Search Engine copywriting.

In fact, having SEO copywriting on your site is one of THE most important aspects of making it with the engines.

Why? Because Search Engines that use spiders or bots (programs that survey your site) only read text. Which means the words on your site simply must be in the form of SEO copywriting.

A SEO Copywriter Does More Than Bring Visitors To Your Site

Search Engine copywriting is a must in order to get traffic. However you can’t just pack your copy with keywords and phrases and be done with it.

Keywords and phrases will gain the attention of a Search Engine and get visitors to your site. But what happens after they click your link and land on your site? Will they stay and buy or will they leave almost immediately?

Search Engine Copywriting is about more than keywords and web links. It’s about making links with people, capturing their attention and persuading a potential buyer to purchase your products or services. That’s why hiring The Punch Agency as your SEO copywriter can be one of the smartest things you do.

By taking the time to understand both your Search Engine goals and your market, we create SEO copywriting that:

  • Meets the needs of both engines and visitors. It meets the technical needs of Search Engines while also meeting the emotional needs of your site visitors and persuades them to buy from you.
  • Has strategic word placement. From years of experience in Search Engine copywriting, we know the best placement for keywords. We do more than throw keywords here and there, optimising each page for maximum results.
  • Reads well. One side effect of bad SEO copywriting is that the message sounds ‘stiff’, because someone has poorly stitched together keywords with little thought for overall readability. We ensure that the flow of your message is smooth and readable even when including very specific keywords and phrases.
  • Is the optimal length. SEO copywriting should not be too long or short in order to work well. Whether your site is devoted to selling one product or a shopping cart full of products, we will create copy that is just right.
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