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With the style and look of your images being crucial to their success for your company, The Punch Agency employs talented and experienced personnel who know how to create a great look and also where to find the elements to create it.

Working in the design industry for over 15 years, we have a wealth of experience working directly with clients on projects both large and small for their companies advertising, marketing and PR activities.

As such, we have the capabilities to organise and manage all aspects of a photo shoot including location finding, set design and construction, fashion and set styling, prop sourcing and casting of talent ranging from adults to children and animals.

Utilising their years of practical experience, knowledge of design trends and appreciation of colour and other visual elements, our stylists assist our photographers in creating unique and individual images for all our clients.

Our stylists can design and develop room sets, create still-life settings, visually enhance existing locations and organise or source props including costumes, special paint effects, crafts and soft furnishings. They are also very experienced in sourcing unusual, obscure or hard to find items that add a special element to an image.

With The Punch Agency you can be assured that no matter what the subject matter may be, our team can make even the ordinary look extraordinary.
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