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As they say “Marketing Makes It Happen!” Marketing makes businesses and brands grow.

Marketing is all about effective and targeted communication and the appropriate presentation of a company’s product or service in the marketplace. Just how that is done revolves around your marketing strategy.

Your business may be at any one of these stages:
  • A start-up company or new venture
  • Attempting to create new growth and market expansion
  • A newly acquired business
  • Ready to expand through creation of new branches or outlets
  • Ready to franchise activities or license products or services
  • Ready to launch a new product onto the marketplace

Whatever your situation, your business requires a winning marketing strategy.

Market leaders establish superiority through effective branding of their products or services, with capital invested in brand development because today, more than ever, consumers buy brands. With so many similar products in the marketplace, in the end the purchase decision is often reliant on consumers’ feelings for a brand.

However, branding does not just occur. Branding is a mature business strategy resulting from thoughtful and insightful development of an effective marketing strategy.

For smaller businesses, strategy development begins with putting the basic marketing building blocks in place - the foundations.

To achieve brand recognition and success you must first understand your market, your position in that market, who your competitors are and what opportunities are available.

Considering all these factors, you can then implement a marketing strategy that sets realistic goals and plans the steps needed to achieve them.

The Punch Agency offers Strategic Planning that will:
  • Create real interest through powerful marketing, advertising and creative campaigns
  • Build business contacts via effective networking, telemarketing and direct marketing
  • Establish a buying process and demonstrate your competitive advantage and unique selling proposition
  • Stimulate purchasing and develop a strong sales demand
  • Ensure repeat business and develop customer loyalty

Market Research

Market Research and Customer Profiling is all about getting to know your market before you invite them to get to know you. In this way, you can make your invitation much more inviting to your specific audience.

How well do you really know your customers, your potential customers and their buying habits?

Statistically, even if you believe you know them ‘like the back of your hand’, you may be surprised by the results of polling and research studies which reveal that the majority of companies view their customers and prospects from an internal company viewpoint rather than a realistic external perception more in tune with their customers’ views.

The Punch Agency offers innovative market research programs that help you ‘take your customer’s pulse’ to better gauge their actual beliefs and perceptions and to market accordingly.

Telephone Research

Once The Punch Agency determines your business goals and gains access to a list of marketing prospects, we conduct telephone research – a tried, tested and reliable information gathering tool.

A survey is conducted using questions carefully considered and developed between The Punch Agency and your company to achieve an optimum information level.

A final report will then be prepared by The Punch Agency which will include studied analysis of responses in view to our client’s requirements.

Online Response Polling

No matter how impartial they may be, polls can be skewed by such elements as tone of voice, inflections and various other factors which may affect the way a question is perceived by an individual.

Knowing this, The Punch Agency also uses a method known as Online Response Polling which utilises a graphics and text based custom research survey which is sent to appropriate and valuable participants to gain the most impartial responses possible.

These polls cover many areas of concern in business and marketing including:
  • Brand impressions
  • Logo evaluation
  • Individual media evaluations
  • Message/content evaluations
  • Website navigation ratings and feedback
  • Initial impact testing for print and web
  • Preferences for discovering more information or continuing a sales cycle
  • Customer service issues
  • Customer profiling
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