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Direct Marketing is a sub-discipline of marketing focused on driving purchases that can be attributed to a specific ‘call to action’, and is distinguished from other marketing by its emphasis on trackable, measurable results (or ‘response’) regardless of the medium.

Direct Marketing involves 5 steps:

1. Construct and update a database

In creating a database, The Punch Agency can help companies gain and maintain a clear picture of customers, their behaviour and needs via comprehensive database marketing solutions.

2. Access the data

The Punch Agency helps clients turn data into valuable information for solving business problems and marketing smarter, while continuously measuring results. Data can be housed with The Punch Agency or with the client.

3. Analyse the data

Using primary research, statistical modeling and analysis, The Punch Agency can help clients distinguish their best customers and prospects, resulting in more targeted marketing and relationship strategies and better returns on investment.

4. Apply the knowledge

The Punch Agency helps clients maximise the value of database and analytical knowledge by putting it to use in various areas of strategic planning, campaign planning and management. It is invaluable in areas such as acquisition, retention and loyalty programs, privacy initiatives, customer care solutions, merger and acquisition communications, sales and lead management systems and company-specific promotional campaigns.

5. Execute the programs

The Punch Agency offers clients physical and electronic communications which are created and delivered through a single source that is committed to ease, success and quality. This may include the creation, production and mailing of promotional pieces, building websites, creation of email programs, logistical control and delivery of targeted mail and the development, printing and distribution of literature both electronically and traditionally.

At The Punch Agency, our most frequent Direct Marketing Solutions are delivered through Direct Mail Marketing. Our capabilities in this field enable clients to delegate entire printing and mailing projects to us, freeing them to focus on other business projects and responsibilities.

Using proven direct mail solutions, we use a wide range of printed products to promote our clients. This provides them the convenience of accessing a variety of direct mail and marketing services while dealing with the one company.

These services include:

Planning and Consultation Services

Our time and expertise is offered free of charge when meeting with clients during the planning stages of a project or marketing campaign. Meetings may involve designers, marketing staff or any other personnel integral to the process. Issues that may be covered include schedules, format suggestions and manufacturing recommendations – all with an eye towards technical and cost efficiency.

Direct Mail Data Processing Services

The Punch Agency can provide all your direct mail data processing needs including merge/purge and postal presort. We can also format and proof tapes for any form of personalisation.

Direct Mail Print Services

Understanding the nuts and bolts of each direct mail printing job, and exactly how each job should best be executed, is the cornerstone of success for direct mail production.

Our printing services include traditional direct mail, Digital printing and Variable Data. We also maintain multiple suppliers to ensure that no matter what your project or deadline, we’ll always have the manpower and resources on hand to get the job done on time and on budget.

General Print Services

Our print production professionals utilise state-of-the-art proprietary software that enables The Punch Agency to handle every aspect of your job from disk to printing to mailing.

We also have the people to handle your every need, providing the best production support the industry has to offer. Our ‘team treatment’ means both a sales person and a print production coordinator are made available to service your project from start to finish. And because we cross-train and cross-cover all accounts, support is always available outside your assigned team should the need arise.

Print Personalisation & Variable Data Services

Whether your job requires duplex or simplex, inkjet or laser personalisation that runs sheet-fed, fanfold, roll to roll or inline, The Punch Agency can meet every need.

We have a wealth of experience producing everything from simple address blocks to complex database-driven imaging work, with quality control procedures and planning expertise to ensure your complete satisfaction with the results.

One-to-One Marketing (Integrated & Relationship Marketing)

The Punch Agency have close working alliances with variable, direct marketing database companies who have proven track records in fully personalised, cross-media One-to-One Marketing campaigns – also known as Integrated or Relationship Marketing.

Our One-to-One Marketing services include:

  • Highly personalised direct mail and email
  • Variable Data
  • Personalised URLs (PURLS)
  • Interactive surveys
  • Interactive media including CD ROM and Video Hosting

With One-to-One Marketing, one campaign can now expand your reach and target new leads through personalised direct mail, call center services and interactive websites with personalised URLs that contain valuable data gathering surveys and referral functions.

At The Punch Agency we will work with you to create highly personalised, data driven campaigns that not only increase response rates but also provide valuable information which can turn prospects into customers and lost customers into rejuvenated sales. All with real results which can you can track in real time.

One-to-One allows you to:

  • Cement your relationship with your prospects and customers by addressing their individual wants and needs
  • Receive invaluable information via web-based surveys which reveal when a client may be in the market
  • Plan future marketing initiatives, create an up-sell or supply your sales force with better insights to strategise individual client meetings
  • Add incentives like variable coupons or special offers, which also add to your response tracking
  • Create ‘viral marketing’ with referral features or ‘multiple touch’ campaigns which target more than one recipient within the same environment
  • Track all responses and test various strategies to learn what works best

This is just a taste of the power of One-to-One Marketing - a powerful tool for building customer relationships with flexibility which allows for virtually unlimited creative possibilities in creating increased ROI for your business.

Creative Copy & Design Services

To meet our goal of being your one-stop solution for all your Direct Mail needs, The Punch Agency also offers outstanding creative copywriting and design through The Punch Agency's Creative division. Our creative team incorporates industry professionals with years of direct marketing experience who are ready to create exciting new possibilities for your company.

We also provide marketing and production consulting on methods to improve the response and efficiency of your current controls.

When you work with The Punch Agency on your creative, you’ll receive a seamless transition from initial concepts to artworks, proofing, printing and mailing. So if you want the best in Direct Mail, go direct to the best and call us at The Punch Agency.
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