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With the incredible business opportunities it offers, a website today can be an absolute blessing to a business. However, if it is badly designed and with poor content it can be an immediate and absolute curse.

How can you be sure your website is working for you? For many companies their existing website, whether an e-commerce, portfolio or basic presence website, was an act of faith in entering the much hyped world of cyber business.

First generation websites basically said “We’re here!”

Then came the second generation of websites, which were essentially business literature in cyberspace. But there was still too little appraisal of how the site integrated with marketing strategy and whether the spend was truly justified by the return. IT people dominated the thinking and controlled content.

Now marketers are seeing the reality of the web as a two way communications channel. Consumers are becoming more confident about using the Internet and businesses are getting much smarter at using e-marketing, bringing great benefits to both. Effective use of e-marketing as part of your marketing mix can not only help you to better market your current products, but allow valuable customer feedback for development of new products and services relevant to their needs.

Therefore, third generation sites are interactive and can deliver real added value to both companies and their customers in terms of online activities not available in the general marketplace.

For example:

  • Activities that can’t be done offline
  • Segmentation
  • Project collaborations
  • Integrated communications
  • ‘Viral’ marketing

However the question still remains – just how effective is your site?

With the continual advances in web technology, your existing website may be lagging behind in technology and not offering all it could to your business and customers. Plus it’s easy to forget the basics such as download speed, site navigation, easily found phone numbers, spelling errors and other such imperfections.

Your website is your business to those who see it on the web, so don’t let it let you down.

A survey of what customers would really like from your website is straightforward and easily done, while a professional brainstorming session can bring freshness and innovation to your site and your strategy.

The Punch Agency can assist you with a marketing focused, objective evaluation of your website’s power and effectiveness, and have provided this invaluable service to numerous public and private organisations seeking optimum site results.

Our Website Evaluation & Optimisation Service begins with a brainstorming or think-tank session in which our marketing and online experts will:

  • Review your home page message and how it is working for you
  • Analyse your site’s ‘sales path’ and map out ways to improve it
  • Discuss the potential for new ‘programs’ that capture consumer interest
  • Review all print marketing material
  • Review all presentation material
  • Review and discuss site content and strategies to enhance your message
  • Review calls-to-action and in-place methods for capturing leads
  • Analyse site navigation and discuss enhancements
  • Contact a select number of customers to discuss impressions of your brand to gain a better external perspective

This process can take place onsite or via a series of web meetings. Information gained will then be assessed and a thorough report detailing our findings and suggestions will be presented. We can then outline a proposal, including price, to accomplish agreed goals.
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