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A Graphic Standards Manual (GSM) outlines all the technical mandatories of your Corporate Identity Design, so other companies who will work with your corporate identity will use it properly and reflect your brand values whenever your company name appears in the public domain.

The GSM sets standards for all media developed and assures your logo and key brand elements are always displayed correctly in any media or communication tool. It includes mandatory requirements for spacing, styles, fonts, colours, margins, images and any other elements which are key to your brand’s visual communications.

Having put a lot of time, effort and money into establishing the desired presentation of your brand, the GSM will ensure that anyone using your logo and corporate identity will use it in exactly the way you have intended it to be used. For example, if the logo and company name always appear in certain colours or in a certain position on the page, your standards manual will communicate the required information for appropriate and consistent application.

The Punch Agency's Graphic Standards Manuals are available in hard copy and PDF formats which clearly illustrate acceptable colour and layout options for various media. It includes specifications and visual examples which can include logo styles and formats for:

  • CMYK 4 colour processes
  • PMS Pantone Matching System
  • Black and white
  • RGB Values and Web Colour Matching
  • Unacceptable logo use
  • Embroidered and sign logos
  • Vehicle signage
The Punch Agency GSMs also include Print and Layout guidelines for:

Corporate Colour Palettes - Having used a unique blending system to pick main and complementary colours which assure a professional and compelling image, these palette guidelines ensure all your media uses a colour theme that is approved and consistent.

Approved Corporate Images - This ensures choice and management of images used for print and web promotion, including your website. We can even include the approved images with full license in the manual.

Company Literature & Stationery -
Your Corporate Identity Design should also be reflected in all your business literature and stationery to ensure a fully cohesive presentation of your brand at every point of contact. This includes attention to various elements including:

  • Business Cards - margins, fonts and guides in final format
  • Tag Lines - fonts, size and guidelines for placement
  • Letterheads - first and second page margins as applicable, fonts, print, guides in final print format and one electric format
  • Web Site - fonts, spacing for headers, sub headers and main body content
  • Labels - margins, fonts and guides in 2 formats
  • Insert/Product - margins, fonts and guides in final format
  • Large Envelopes - margins, fonts and guides in final format
  • Small Envelopes - margins, fonts and guides in final format
  • Fax - margins, fonts and guides in final format
  • Optional Collateral Piece - one page, choose from Cover Letters, Response Cards or other collateral needs
  • Email - (design must be purchased first) identify all font sizes, button colours, margins, styles, CSS if needed, RGB values, etc…
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