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Many businesses find it difficult to enforce their Corporate Identity and ensure accurate reproduction and adherence to brand standards 100% of the time. Even with a Graphic Standards Manual being issued, many businesses will experience brand degradation over time as their identity is interpreted or reproduced by third parties in different ways.

Some organisations utilise their Marketing Managers to control use of their brand through rigorous scrutiny and control processes, however this occupies valuable time and resources which could best be used elsewhere.

Having developed our clients’ brands and their Graphic Standards Manuals, The Punch Agency understands them like no-one else and can spot even the most minor inconsistencies. To assist our clients, we therefore offer a Brand Management Service which frees up the time of your personnel and guarantees complete consistency in your brand’s public presentation.

Becoming an extension of your marketing division, we scrutinise every application of your brand and identity and give approval only when its use is appropriate and in keeping with established guidelines and standards. In this role we are totally accountable to our clients and involve them every step of the way on every project to ensure they are kept fully up to date with any unusual requests or problem situations.
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