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Simply put, your ‘brand’ or ‘corporate image’ is the impression formed at every point of contact with your clients and prospects.

Branding is the combination of imagery and content in all your communications which comes together to create a consumer’s perception of your business, services and products. It forms a powerful and unique tone of voice, personality and promise to your target audience about what you are and offer.

The proliferation of brand names fills our visual world and touches our daily lives. From fast moving consumer goods to couture fashion, the power of a strong brand to influence tastes, attitudes and purchases is undeniable.

To build a successful brand, you must have a strategy in place which guides all elements of every aspect of marketing and communications to ensure your brand identity is never weakened by conflicting marketing material.

Everything representing your company that comes in contact with a customer, such as advertisements, brochures, direct mail, web sites, presentations, emails, signs, sales personnel and exhibits must create a streamlined and cohesive impression.

At The Punch Agency we have had years of experience in brand building and strategy which can help guide our clients in creating successful, multi-dimensional branding programs which enhance the total customer experience of a brand to ensure market success.
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